Hey y’all.  Just giving you a general update on, well… everything.


As a few of you have noticed, the site completely crashed and all of my backup files were lost.  At the time of writing this, I think it’s pretty obvious as to the state of things.  It’s going to take awhile to get things completely up and running again.  For now, I’ve managed to re-import all the comic pages.  So the important thing is done.  It’s just going to be a lot of tweaking of the design and getting a lot of the files back up again.  If you notice any 404 errors or things of that nature, just drop a comment or message me over at Twitter.


On another note, drawing is at a bit of a standstill.  My kids apparently got ahold of my tablet pen and for the life of me, I can’t find it.  And since I got the tablet monitor, I got rid of my old tablet… and without that pen, I can’t draw.  Fun times!  Hopefully my husband can find it this weekend but otherwise I’m going to have to order a new one and wait for it to arrive.  For at least a little while, I’m going to be a bit bogged down and I don’t know when I’ll be able to draw solidly.  On another note, drawing time may go up in 2-3 months.  You may remember I mentioned medical stuff going on.  Well… the diagnosis is that we’re going to be having a little boy.  This was a bit of a surprise for us but we’re pretty excited.  I’m due at the end of June and if this pregnancy goes like it did with my daughter, I’ll be on bed rest the last couple months of my pregnancy.  I’m doing my best but this has already been a more trying pregnancy on me physically.  So we’ll see!


Keep an eye on things, more is coming!