Our less than enthusiastic protagonist. Young and only partially trained, Tal is still new to this whole Messenger thing.

Comics: 122
Recent Appearance: Ch20p17
First Appearance: Ch1cover


Tal and Sena’s older brother and an established Messenger. He is goofy and fun for the most part but knows when to be serious.

Comics: 94
Recent Appearance: Ch22p06
First Appearance: Ch3p07


Tal’s older sister and future Immortal Mother, Sena is usually calm and in control. She is very protective of those close to her.

Comics: 86
Recent Appearance: Ch21p11
First Appearance: Ch1p05


Dagas is certain that she is, in fact, a dog and not a wolf. She speaks broken wolf and is fluent in Gaelic. She is somewhat naieve but is overall a good person.

Comics: 62
Recent Appearance: Ch20p17
First Appearance: Ch9cover


The younger brother of Letty & Lewin, Patrick is incredibly level headed and compassionate.

Comics: 60
Recent Appearance: Ch21p13
First Appearance: Ch1p08


Twin to Lewin and older sister to Patrick, Letty is an oddity as a female Messenger. She has sacrificed much of her freedom and her life to live in her twin’s shadow. Though the fact that they share the duty of Head Messenger ought to hint to her true strength.

Comics: 59
Recent Appearance: Ch22p10
First Appearance: Ch3p06


Twin to Letty and older brother to Patrick, Lewin is the gruff and stern co-Head Messenger. He rules Tara and is known for his temper.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: Ch21p13
First Appearance: Ch3p06


Father to the wolves in his pack, Connor has been mysteriously absent for some time. Little is known about him as he is a wolf of few words.

Comics: 38
Recent Appearance: Ch22p10
First Appearance: Ch7p11


The adopted red headed stepchild of the Mac Tire Tine Pack. Silver found him wandering her territory and took him in. As a regular dog, he is a little simpler than the rest of the pack.

Comics: 28
Recent Appearance: Ch21p02
First Appearance: Ch1p01


A Messenger with an official mission and a personal grudge. Zigor is a Master of Illusions amongst his pack and is known for having a conniving nature.

Comics: 28
Recent Appearance: Ch12p16
First Appearance: Ch1p08


The Immortal Mother of her pack, Silver is a fount of patience of wisdom.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Ch12cover
First Appearance: Ch1p03


The triple war goddess and instigator of much plots.

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: Ch20p13
First Appearance: Ch3p10


The only child of Darian, known for his social anxiety. When nervous, he stutters. Training to take over for his father.

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: Ch19p07
First Appearance: Ch14cover


An Immortal Father, gifted seer, and eccentric, Darian may be physically blind but he isn’t to much else.

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: Ch19p09
First Appearance: Ch14p07


Connor’s older brother. Again, a mysterious figure.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Ch20p06
First Appearance: Ch16p06


The god of fire, irritator of fellow gods, and lover of alcohol.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ch6p05
First Appearance: Ch2p06

Bob the Shadow Wolf

A shadow wolf of Morrigan. Named by readers.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Ch19p18
First Appearance: Ch19cover


Dagas calls him her Master, but little else is known about him.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Ch14p03
First Appearance: Ch9p05

the Púca

A shape changing creature.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Ch13p13
First Appearance: Ch13p06


Charlie's level headed cousin and leader of the Seers Pack Defense.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Ch15p07
First Appearance: Ch14p03


Dagas' canine counterpart. He can't understand wolves.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Ch11p08
First Appearance: Ch9p11


Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch14p10
First Appearance: Ch14p07


Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch21p11
First Appearance: Ch21p08


A sea deity who ferries souls to the afterlife.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Ch8p08
First Appearance: Ch8p06


Envoy of the Northern Pack.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Ch21p13
First Appearance: Ch21p11


Zigor's brother who was killed by Lewin.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Ch4p05
First Appearance: Ch4p04


Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Ch21p04
First Appearance: Ch21p03


The father god, leader of the other gods. Very powerful.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch11p04


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch14p06


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch14p06


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch14p06


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch14p06


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch18p03