Weeeeellllp it’s been awhile.  A long while.  I’m not quite in a position to go into details of what all has been going on for the last few years but I can tell you I tried my best to do what was right for me and for my family.  That meant not only TGP but pretty much all art I did took a total nose dive.  I’ll try my best to talk about it down the line but art became something I couldn’t even sit down in front of the computer or a sketchbook and not feel like a panic attack was coming on.  It was rough.  It’s still rough.  It’s going to be rough for awhile.  So I apologize for any inconsistencies in my style as I ease back into things.  But I feel like just jumping in head first is the only way I’m going to make progress.


On a positive note, I now have my computer set up on a desk (*gasp*).  And I can comfortably work for the first time in years.  I’m stupid excited.  And I’m back on Twitter.  And I’m sketching again and working on scripts.  It feels good.  Also terrifying.  But good slightly more good than terrifying.