So the site went down again.  Sorry about that!  The hosting on the site ran out and I did not have the $100+ to get it going again.  Luckily, I managed to find a free hosting offer I had from Godaddy from ages back so I was able to restore the site (I had proper backups this time!).  Now the big thing is trying to find my freaking storyboard notebook that also had my script in it…  Fingers crossed as there are only so many boxes for it to be in after our recent move.  And I found all 3 previous notebooks and the script/storyboard book for the mini comics.  If I can’t find it for now, I can at least work on the mini-comic and maybe release that for free as an apology for my disappearance.


As sort of an update, we managed to get into a little one bedroom one bath apartment in the less than favorable part of Sacramento.  So we at least have a roof over our heads.  My kiddos are doing great (Emmett is almost 3 months old!  AAAAAHHH).  I’m desperately trying to make as much extra money for my family as I can, which is why TGP keeps getting pushed to the back burner.  Because I haven’t been able to focus on it for several years, it doesn’t make any money.  My fault.  Sad but true.  SO.  Doing my best!  I DO intend on updating again and it WILL be finished eventually.  Fingers crossed I find the notebook so I can get out the gates swinging again.