Hey guys!  Still here, still trying to get drawing done.  Problem that arose a few weeks back was as such…  We have two computers, one of which can run art programs like Photoshop or Manga Studio.  The other really can’t at all.  Guess which one decided to become stuck in a reboot loop and refuses to come out?




I’ve tried everything to fix it and it just doesn’t look like it’s going to come back from this little coma it’s worked itself into.  A friend might have a tower I can borrow and at least work on Manga Studio through but she’s a super busy gal and I don’t want to be bugging her.  SO.  My question for you guys is whether I should wait on posting anything until I can post finished pages or if you guys would like to see the really rough sketched pages with hand written text?  Just comment and let me know.  I can still scan things, just can’t digital anything.