Mac Tire Tine

Our less than enthusiastic protagonist.  Young and only partially trained, Tal is still new to this whole Messenger thing.


Mac Tire Tine

Tal’s older sister and future Immortal Mother, Sena is usually calm and in control.  She is very protective of those close to her.


Mac Tire Tine

Tal and Sena’s older brother and an established Messenger.  He is goofy and fun for the most part but knows when to be serious.


Mac Tire Tine

The adopted red headed stepchild of the Mac Tire Tine Pack.  Silver found him wandering her territory and took him in.  As a regular dog, he is a little simpler than the rest of the pack.


Human Village

Dagas is certain that she is, in fact, a dog and not a wolf.  She speaks broken wolf and is fluent in Gaelic.  She is somewhat naieve but is overall a good person.


Mac Tire Ithir

The younger brother of Letty & Lewin, Patrick is incredibly level headed and compassionate.


Mac Tire Ithir

Twin to Lewin and older sister to Patrick, Letty is an oddity as a female Messenger.  She has sacrificed much of her freedom and her life to live in her twin’s shadow.  Though the fact that they share the duty of Head Messenger ought to hint to her true strength.


Mac Tire Ithir

Twin to Letty and older brother to Patrick, Lewin is the gruff and stern co-Head Messenger.  He rules Tara and is known for his temper.