Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about TGP & Sarah all rolled in one convenient FAQ!


What do you use to draw the comic?

I start with sketching the page out in the old fashioned weirdo way, in a Five Star notebook.  I wouldn’t normally recommend lined paper but it’s kind of a compulsion at this point.  I prefer to sketch with blue lead as it makes inking over it easier but that’s not always a possibility.  I scan that rough sketch in and use Photoshop CS3 for the entire rest of the process.

How long have you been making TGP?

I started posting it on September 30th, 2005.  It had only been in “production” a day or two before that.  So over a decade.

Are you going to re-draw the old pages?

The short answer, no.

The long answer is that I really dislike the idea.  One, because that would be A LOT of time invested into redoing those old pages that could go into new pages or new projects.  Two, because I’ve seen too many artists get stuck in the “recreation loop” where they never get past x-number of pages because as soon as you’re done remaking those pages, you have to do it all over again.  Three, I feel that growth as an artist is incredibly important to show.  I want young artists to see how much I’ve changed in the decade+ I’ve been working on TGP and know that everyone starts somewhere.  That even if they think they’re not very good now, they can keep working and get better.  And that’s more important to me than making sure the pages from so long ago look closer to the pages of now.

What I DO plan on re-doing is the font of the original pages.  Which is more re-lettering to make it easier to read than anything.  But even just that is a pretty large undertaking, so it will be awhile before it’s done.

Can I pitch you a comic idea?

Sure, but as your own project, I hope!  I’m happy to help give you advice and guidance but I’m not currently in the position to be working on someone else’s project.

How old are you?

As of writing this, I’m 28.  I’ll be turning 29 in October of 2016.

Why did you miss an update?

Probably for one of several reasons, sorry!  I’m married, have two small children, work two part time jobs, freelance, and run a custom kids’ clothing business (World of Momcraft).  So I get pretty busy.  I do my best but it’s not always possible to get a page out on time.  I appreciate your patience!

Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction/draw fan comics?

Totally!  I love seeing what my readers have created!  Please send me a link so I can check it out and add to into the fan art gallery.